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Our Clients

Optika Oblak

Optometrist in Ljubljana

Optika Oblak represents the prefect combination of tradition and trend. We are located in the city center of Ljubljana, on the crossroad of different traditions and new street trends.We are here because we believe in quality of life and services. We believe that everyone is entitled to a special treatment. That is why we give each patient an idividual advice and the best care to improve their vision which leads to a better life.

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Mediterranean Restaurant with Istrian touch

Altrokè serves the menu inspired by mediterranean and Istrian culture. Seafood, boškarin beef, pasta and fine wine, craft beer, homemade liqueurs, olive oil and vinegar.

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Emerald Valley

A Holiday Home in the Heart of Emerald Valley

Welcome to Emerald Valley, a holiday home located in the amazing nature, designed and built with true love. We provide the best quality to ensure our guests will have a relaxed and beautiful experiences. It is really homey with large windows, terrace or balcony and a beautiful view of Svitnjak mountain. All apartments are modern style furnished with fully equipped kitchen including oven and dishwasher.


The best extra virgin olive oil in one place is an on-line shop which provides the hightest quality of Istrian extra virgin olive oil.


Istrska Hiša

Represents the long tradition of Istria wine and olive oil

Istrska Hiša is a stand with a long family tradition of growing indigenous Istrian wine varieties, liqueurs and olive oil.

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Vino & Ribe

Fish and wine 

Cosy and small place where fresh fishes and delicious fish tapas are served. It also has a nice wine shop with predominant local and premium brands.

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